Are you a coach or service provider feeling frustrated by the endless tasks on your plate—admin, marketing, social media, tech, and the list goes on? Struggling to find committed, skilled, and affordable assistance? Look no further! At Charmie & Cie, we specialize in providing virtual assistance for these exact tasks, freeing you to focus on growing and thriving in your business!

Our Approach Sets Us Apart

Unlike other agencies that work with a wide range of clients and may not understand your specific business needs, we specialize in supporting coaches and service providers. We carefully match our VA’s skills to address your unique requirements and propel your business to the next level. Additionally, all our business packages include monthly follow-up calls to ensure we provide the ideal Virtual Assistant services tailored to your business needs at every stage!

Start with our most popular Business Package!

The Business Builder

$650 USD Monthly (min 3-month contract)

25 hours of Virtual Assistance (Marketing, Social Media, and Tech)

Dedicated Customer Success Coordinator

Access to a complimentary Project Management System

Monthly 25-minute follow-up calls for accountability, focus, and strategy

Are you ready to have VA?

Do you have a project on your mind? Whether it’s designing your website, refining your branding, or creating effective landing pages —we’ve got you covered! Schedule a best-fit call with us and share the details of your projects. Let’s bring your ideas to life! 


Are you ready to get the right support for your Business Needs?  Because we truly believe that there are few things more empowering in life than having the right support!