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7-Day Money Finder Series

Unleash your inner treasure hunter with the 7-Day Money Finder Series! Discover quick and practical tips to find hidden cash you never knew you had, and supercharge it by paying down debt or investing.

Hi I'm Charmie!

As a Wealth Strategist and Educator, I’m passionate about teaching women how to build a strong financial foundation through investing. With a background in banking, managing my own 6-figure investment portfolio, as well as purchasing 40 doors in real estate within 2 years, I have valuable insights into wealth creation and investment planning.

Through my teachings and guidance, I hope to inspire women to develop a positive mindset towards money, understand the importance of creating a solid financial foundation, and learn how to invest wisely. Join me on this journey towards financial freedom and let’s make wealth creation a reality for all women!

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Are you an employee tired of working in a job that leaves you uninspired? 

Are you ready to take a leap from Employee to Entrepreneur? 

Are you a Coach or Entrepeneur overwhelmed with the bookkeeping, social media or tech tasks in your business? 

Are you a Woman looking to learn confident investing in the Stock Market with a Feminine Approach? 

If you said yes to any of the above, you’re at the right place!  

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Are you ready to create your own path to uncapped income and time freedom?

Are you an employee ready to plan your corporate escape and create your own Freedom Business?

Are you an entrepreneur ready to finally build a business that works for you and gives you uncapped income and Time Freedom?

Are you ready to build more wealth?

Let’s work together to create a personalized Money Map tailored to your unique values and interests. Whether you’re interested in stocks, real estate, or entrepreneurship, we’ll help you unlock your wealth potential and achieve financial independence. Choose a customized approach to building wealth – start your journey today!